Steel Tubes


InfraSteel supplies steel tubes in accordance with NEN10219-1/2 and/or NEN10210-1/2.

We can supply any quality from stock or production upon request, including CE-marking.

We deliver quickly and on your terms, with or without certificates (tubes are given a 3.1 certificate or a material 2.1 certificate). Second-choice or used pipes are also available.

The steel tubes are used in countless projects all over the world such as groundwork, road construction, waterway construction, sound barriers, drilled foundations, deep-founded water defences, wharf and bridge construction.

TypeDiameter (mm)Wall Thickness (mm)
Seamless tube21,3 - 7112,5 - 120
Long seam welded tube21,3 - 3.0482,0 - 45
Spiral welded tube219 - 3.0483,5 - 26
steel tubes