Hot-Rolled Sheet Piles

Hot-Rolled Sheet Piles


Steel sheet pile sections connect together through the use of an “interlock” formed on both sides of the profile and created during the manufacturing process. These interlocks connect into one another to form a continuous retention wall giving the wall its section modulus or structural strength. Typically steel sheet piles are designed to create a rigid barrier for earth and water retention and depending on forces applied to the wall the section modulus/structural strength is calculated.

There are various sheet pile types available in today’s market, these would include but are not limited to Hot rolled, Cold rolled, and Cold pressed sections each having its own characteristic and advantage. Typically the two most requested types of sheet pile would be the Hot rolled Z – profile and the Hot rolled U – profile, that said more and more Cold rolled/formed sheet piles are being introduced due to the cost savings advantages.

Z profile sheet pile have a continuous form of the web and the interlock is located symmetrically on either side of the neutral axis this aspect has a positive influence on the section modulus, Z profile sheets are mostly driven in doubles at a width of approximately 1.4 meters often crimped or welded in the centre.

U profile sheet piles allow a perfect technical and economical choice for each specific project, sectional widths very between 400mm and 750mm although 900mm are currently being produced.

Our VL range has great weight over strength characteristic’s and are often preferred due to the easy handling and great durability.

Delivery Details

We aim to maximise our access to stocks that are spread out over Europe and other countries to offer the best cost effective options available to our customers, which means our delivery times can be very short. InfraSteel also has access to a large used stock that consists of U and Z profiles that we can ship immediately.

Manufactured to Steel Specifications

Additionally, all our hot-rolled sheet piles are supplied according to EN 10248-1 and EN 10248-2 and with the specifications:”S240GP, S270GP, S355GP, S430GP” in accordance with EN 10204 and with a factory certificate 3.1 or 3.2(on request).

Manufacturing length

Our hot-rolled sheet piles can be supplied from stock at lengths of up to 31 meters. For even longer lengths, we can supply from production to meet your demands.


Available from stock

Available at various thicknesses

Can be used for the heaviest sheet pile constructions

ESZ – Z Profile

VL – U Shaped Profile

hot-rolled sheet piles